The Dowry Of Education

Blue cake of dreams (to Andrea)

Sleep little treasure
your snowy blankets have the consistent passion
of the wave
the very eternity of the landslide
sleep until morning tomorrow
your blue birthday cake will remind you
of the obtuseness of your weight
and the coquetry of the sky
for you can’t know the ordeal
green is your colour of choice or brown
for we crawling like ants on the earthly skull are condemned
to watch the forbidden blue
scarred by the crown of flowers and tired arrows of grass
you are kicking walls of air sleep
castaway from the titans’ land
resume your travel stowaway of life
you will be taught the language of cannibals
someone will inform you
that you are a dormant volcano
that the cicadas’ song dies in the fall
how cruel teaching is
I beg for your forgiveness
while kissing the soles of your sleepless little feet

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