Corrado Paina arrived in Toronto almost half his life ago and he never liked the architecture of the city but he loved the people that inhabit it. To him Toronto is a city of people but not a city of buildings. He has been writing about the fluidity of this anthropological landscape and for quite a while he has been prisoner of this idea. His writing talks about the change of borders in life, sex and soul. Now it is time to move on and write new stuff after 5 books of poetry in Canada, several in Italy and novels and other publications in both countries. He was born a painter but a father, who preferred the old Greek and the Latin than visual arts, forced him to go to the liceo classics instead of the school of art. Great! Because he was a lousy painter. 

A natural despise for European status quo and a certain propensity to kinetic living brought him here.

He would have loved to live in Cuba but it didn’t work out. His favourite cities are:

Habana, Naples, Matera, Venice, Rome, Berlin, New York and Paris (Milan at times), Montreal, Cagliari, Hamilton downtown, Udine the old city, Brooklyn, Mexico city, Shangai….Detroit…the periphery of Buffalo, Osnago, Florence… Reggio Calabria, Cosenza, Palermo…Lisbon, Barcelona..and Greece? Athens ? Yes.

Paris uber alles. If he had some money he would buy an apartment in downtown Gerace which is over a cliff in front the Ionian sea and go for breakfast to Lisbon, lunch in Milan and to see a play in Paris, Berlin or New York or Rome or London.

Or in Nuevitas and go to Habana for a coffee and to buy paintings. One thing for sure, Corrado Paina loves theatre and movies. Toronto has been resting on its laurels with its movie festival but it also killed the outstandingly beautiful milk festival . Toronto doesn’t have anymore a  good festival of theatre.  Toronto must stop lying, it is not a first class city, it is a city of cars and cars that doesn’t have public transportation. It is a city that is part of a country where the (overrated) group of seven has been everywhere but we cannot go where they have been because traveling costs more than anywhere else and Toronto is a city where mortgage is the ultimate issue for discussion. 

His favorite state of mind and body is reached when:

  • At a cinema with popcorn and coca cola
  • Sex and smoke ( he quit both many years ago)
  • In Cuba with fish and white wine at sunset
  • In Cuba with palms around his house, a horse, a little boat on the beach ( I never had them).

Paina likes baroque music in the morning fading into classic music, contemporary music and then rock. Rock and jazz in the afternoon. Americana in the evening and some chansonniers.

Jazz solo piano at night.

Lp please.